The Whats What For Weddings

In every culture and community, there comes a time in every adult’s life when they graduate into responsible adults. A time when they want to settle down and start their own families and more often than not, this step into the next chapter is marked by a wedding. Therefore, a wedding is basically a rite of passage, a shift of status from childhood to adulthood.

When it comes to the wedding ceremony, before one walks down the aisle there are several items that have to come into play before one says ‘I do’. Wedding accessories are these items that one has to think about and make a list to purchase in order for the wedding ceremony to be complete. While they are all purchased, some are goods and other services, like accessories for decoration and ground for the wedding respectively. But what are these accessories?

Wedding accessories are items that add just the right touch for the wedding ceremony theme idea to be complete, and this may be in terms of the set colour chosen and the other surroundings thereof.

For the bride the accessories are items like flower girls baskets, beautifully decorated drapes, aisle runners and stands, wedding and bridal jewellery. You also can't forget that the bride will need a spectacular wedding gown or dress from a store which creates custom wedding dresses in Melbourne or from a bridal store. Among this, the bride also needs:

For the groom, the list is not usually as long but a groom’s accessories do go a long way in making the groom more colourful to fit into the given theme of the day. Groom accessories include:

Sometimes, a wedding has both tangible and intangible accessories but both are needed to make the day work. Tangible accessories are all those that have been listed above but when it comes to intangible accessories, we are talking of all the work that happens behind the scenes such as professional planning and service provision. They might seem a little menial but the fact of the matter is that a wedding would not happen without them since you need a venue for the ceremony and someone to take care of the décor. You also need a seating chart, someone to handle the catering and bakers as well as transportation.

A lot goes into the planning of a wedding. That one day, that one six-hour party which could be longer for some people has so much significance that people spend weeks, sometimes months planning it because everything has to be perfect. From the flower arrangement to the main outfit of the day, the wedding gown. Even the mother of the bride and groom will go out of their way to find a special dress for the occasional, click here to learn more about mother of the bride dresses and what goes into choosing the dress.

In conclusion, while some people go above and beyond in getting only the finest jewellery and accessories coupled with designer wedding gowns and dresses, the fact remains that a wedding celebration is for the two people who are making their commitment to each other. It does not matter if you don’t wear the same wedding dress as Kate Middleton or use a Cartier wrist watch. All that matters is that the two people coming together that day in love are happy.

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